EPAC has a long history of being fiercely committed to diversity, inclusion, and “theater that matters.” We are passionate about producing thought provoking material that embraces our community and tells the stories that draw attention to the oppressed and the marginalized.

While our theater may be currently closed, we cannot stay silent on what is happening in our country right now and the collective trauma that our nation is experiencing. Today, we call upon others to stand in solidarity with us, and with those that are calling for justice and non-violent protest, and ask for a change.

Together, our EPAC family honors the lives and memory of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd and acknowledges the many that have been lost due to racial injustice and structural racism.

We hope that the current situation will lead to a more informed citizenry, a much deeper understanding of each other, and true, everlasting change. We are with you.



EPAC Board of Directors & Staff