Dorothy – In Kansas

  • One-Piece Black and White Dorothy Dress
    • Size S | $40.00/wk

Dorothy – In Oz

  • One-Piece Blue and White Dorothy Dress
    • Size S | $40.00/wk

The Tin Man

  • Silver 2-piece Under-Suit
    • Size L
  • Foam Fabricated Chest, 2 arm pieces, 2 leg pieces, groin cover, gloves, hood, hat
    • $150.00/wk


  • Pink Full Skirt Satin and Tulle Princess Dress
    • Can be sized up or down | $50.00/wk
  • Pink Clear Plastic and Rhinestone Crown
    • $10.00/wk

The Crows

  • Crow Wing Shrugs made from Black Round Petal Fabric (Set up 3)
    • $30.00/wk
  • Black with Yellow Beak Masks (Set of 3)
    • $15.00/wk

The Apple Trees

  • Brown Turban with Apples and Branches (Set of 3)
    • $30.00/wk
  • Brown two-piece, long skirt and top with apple and leaf trim (Set of 3)
    • $45.00/wk

The Guard

  • Green Fur Hat or a Green Beret (Renter Choice)
    • $10.00/wk
  • Full-Length Green Velvet Cape Overlaid with Green Fur
    • $30.00/wk

The Ozians

  • Visit our Costume Shop to source all of your Ozian needs!